Sunday, September 5, 2010

Noggin Purgatory....

More from Facebook:

TRUE STORY: k, so we're both sitting here at our computers and baby girl is hangin' out eatin' all the pretzels on the sofa. paul stops, looks at me, "is that your phone??" (my ring tone= X-files theme). me: looks around, looks in pocket, "no...that's WONDER PETS."

Sherri Martin:  Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets were on our way to help a baby animal and save the day. Skye has Ming Ming she skates around on the floor helping save the baby dolphin. I want to knock her down sometimes.

Amy Walker:  omfG mcafee---I HATE WONDER PETS!!!! but---and i DARE anybody to give me a better example--there IS NO WORSE out there than wow-wow-wubzie. WHAT A BRAT!!!! omg!!!! whiny bratty little #^*$#_$&*%

Sherri Martin:  Wow Wow wubzie Skye likes but does not have to watch like Wonder Pets, Jacks Big music show, Blues Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba.

Wendy Stevens Justice:  I feel your pain, Amy...

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