Friday, November 26, 2010

Pumpkin, mmmmm......

Pumpkin Pie Scent-what it does to men

Ok back to the 16 year old....

So we're watching tv yesterday, the news.  And they, like everybody else just before Thanksgiving, is doing this pumpkin pie scent story.  They started saying, "the scent of pumpkin is an aphrodesiac...."  So my son says, "cool!"  ??  hmm?

I stop typing long enough to to look up at him, incredulous.

"No, not cool!....what do you think that word means?"

"Uhh....I don't makes you more awake?"


"No darling, it means it makes you more horny."

<Mom laughs!>

<16 year old tries to climb between the sofa cushions>


1 comment:

  1. OMFG! The pure awesometude! I, and Chris would likely agree, that pumpkin is the greatest of the aphrodesiacs. However, as I live under a rock, this, of course, is the first time I'm hearing of this officially. Thank God for you, Amy, You're my source of awesome and the wind beneath my wings, also.