Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is a story stolen from my Facebook wall, months ago:

Me: (to friend John who recommended the below Pocoyo video to me) LOL! ok john...u win! this is cute....techno british cartoon...kewl

Pocoyo-Dance Off

This is an awesome episode!!! The creators or crew must be clubbers :) Check for the different musical styles.. I Love the Aphex Twin Stylee and B52's

ME:  omg john....tonight am sitting here w kaelle watching some noggin crap and cody (almost 16 yo) sitting w us...mentions, "well, what about that poyoco? some show, has been on here before..." ! i said, i JUST heard about this LAST NIGHT! spooky...

(I had honestly never heard of it before...after watching 16 hours a day of Noggin with my 3 year old...)

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